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Proficiency Testing Scheme Management

Sciantec operates a number of proficiency testing schemes on behalf of third parties in both the UK and internationally as well as providing consultancy and training on proficiency testing scheme operation.

Proficiency Testing (PT) provides an independent verification of accuracy in analysis. The primary aim is to provide a quality assurance tool for individual laboratories to enable them to compare their performance with similar laboratories. It generally involves a programme in which specially prepared samples of a suitable type are periodically sent to particiapting laboratories for designated analysis. Each laboratory can then compare their own results against those of the other laboratories within the group and also against the asigned value for each analyte tested.

Regular participation in a PT scheme demonstrates a commitment to the maintenance and improvement of performance, and provides valuable proof of the competence of a particular laboratory for its customers.

To discuss your PT schemes requirements please email or call Paul Allison on 01757 242406